Frescoes of Pompeii
2018 Wall Calendar

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Devastated by the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the city of Pompeii lay quiet under its blanket of volcanic ash and debris until its excavation began in 1748. Remarkably, the Italian resort city’s architecture, decorative frescoes, art objects, and the accoutrement of everyday life had been well preserved by the ash itself.

The ongoing excavation of Pompeii revealed much about Greco-Roman life and played a role in the eighteenth-century revival of neoclassical design—in no small part due to Fausto and Felice Niccolini. The brothers’ four-volume magnum opus, Le case ed i monumenti di Pompei disegnati e descritti (Houses and Monuments of Pompeii) (Naples: 1854–1896), attempted to catalogue everything “from colossal public monuments to the humblest furnishings buried within domestic walls.” The twelve images reproduced here are from a copy of Houses and Monuments of Pompeii in the collection of The British Library.

•  Twelve monthly grids and full-color artwork
•  12" x 13", opens to 12" x 26"
•  Published with The British Library