Nobuo Tsuji vs. Takashi Murakami: Battle Royale! Japanese Art History

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Coauthored by Nobuo Tsuji, a nonconformist Japanese art historian and Takashi Murakami, a world-renowned contemporary artist and a `proper' descendant of the eccentric artists Tsuji rediscovered within a hidden lineage in Japanese art history, the book features the 21 battles they fought in a Japanese art magazine. They were the battles of creativity in which Tsuji challenged Murakami who admires the intellectual as a mentor by posing essays on freewheeling old masters including Itō Jakuchū, Soga Shōhaku, and Nagasawa Rosetsu, and the artist responded by presenting new works of art corresponding to each essay respectively. The volume showcases a vibrant range of remarkable pieces by old and new creators including Murakami's 100-meter epic painting "The 500 Arhats."

• Hardcover: 332 pages
• Publisher: Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. (8/31/2017)
• Language: English
Takashi Murakami: Ego
Takashi Murakami: Ego

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