Marcel Duchamp: The Bachelor Stripped Bare

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A biography by Alice Goldfarb Marquis

Arguably the most influential artist of the 20th century, Duchamp was also a shrewd manager of his image, to the bedazzlement of many who have written about him. This groundbreaking biography presents him in all his human contradictions and objectively weighs his real contribution to art. It’s all here: the Armory Show scandal, the creation of the Large Glass and “readymades,” his friendships with Man Ray, Picabia, Breton, the Stettheimer sisters, and the Arensbergs, his chess mania, and, most of all, the passions and insecurities that motivated his mystifying evolutions. Using unpublished sources and interviews, Alice Goldfarb Marquis separates the artist from the con artist, determining just who Duchamp was and how profound an influence he has been. Marcel Duchamp: The Bachelor Stripped Bare stands as a major contribution to the ever-burgeoning field of Duchamp studies.

“A sane and sensible guide to the continually puzzling paradox of Duchamp…an excellent beginning point for readers who have seen some of the work and want to know more about man and myth.” - Publishers Weekly

“The one indispensable Duchamp companion [and] the most sober appraisal yet of this artist … Ms. Marquis’s book is the one anyone inclined to explore this subject should read first.” – Washington Times

“A refreshingly straightforward and informative chronicle of the life of charismatic iconoclast Duchamp … well paced, clearly put, and rich with personal insights.” – Choice

“Marquis sets out to present what she feels is a much-needed objective look at the artist, the man, and the conundrum. Though she doesn’t attempt to discredit Duchamp or previous Duchamp scholarship, she doesn’t take his Olympian stature at face value either … Duchamp enthusiasts … will likely thrill to the previously unpublished interviews, letters, and bits of gossip contained here. This alone makes the sure-to-be-controversial biography a noteworthy addition to Duchamp scholarship.” – Library Journal

368 pages.
24 color and 64 black and white images.
6" x 9".